The United States Quran Burning Issue In Afghanistan: Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr. Responds

24 Feb

The United States of America Military burning of the Muslim holy book “Al Quran,” inside a US Military base in Afghanistan draws remarks from DC Muslim activist Al Hajj Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr ” It’s nice that President Obama and the US Assistant Defense Secretary apologized for the US burning of Quran’s in Afghanistan – but the apology is not good enough.  There is a crusade against Islam in the West.  I don’t support terrorism and those that commit it should be punished.  However,  America are targeting Muslims at home and abroad just like they had targeted Japanese in America and abroad by putting them in concentration camps and dropping the atomic bomb after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  The American capitalistic system is running dry and the US  is targeting and killing Muslim leaders in Muslim countries with lots of oil to steal and control the oil in their efforts to keep capitalism alive.  The US Government is spying on Muslims right here in America – just look at New York Mayor Bloomberg spying on Muslim students at colleges in the New York and the tri-state area.  There is a crusade against Islam and it will fail according to Allah’ will.  The US Military personnel whom burned the Quran’s in Afghanistan should be held accountable with transparency for the Muslim World to see to make this issue go away.”

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