Kevin Chapple Rejected By R Street Neighbors: Residents Refuse To Sign Chapple’s ANC Petition

26 Jul

Two R Street Neighbors in the 500 Block approached former ANC Commissioner Mahdi Leroy L. Thorpe, Jr., to complain about current ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapples fraudulent behavior on July 14th, the same day Thorpe held his Annual COPE Awards Block Party in the 1700 Block of 5th Street, NW. “Two Black woman approached me yesterday and this morning complaining about how they refused to sign ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapple’s ANC petition to get on the November 2012 ballot for ANC 6E-02. The women asked Chapple was he aware of my good work in Shaw and Chapple responded he was unaware of me. They further complained that Chapple said he worked with the police and was a family man., It’s another sad situation for a lazy and sneaky ANC Commissioner that is never visible until election time, doe’s nothing regarding the need for public safety and runs negative campaigns and avoids communicating with constituents. Chapple to my knowledge has no wife, girlfriend nor children. He is certainly aware of me as his ANC opponent past and present, ” said Thorpe.

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