What’s New! 2014 Annual C.O.P.E. Block Party (5th & Rhode island – Shaw Community)

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Robberies And Vandalism Are UP IN Shaw ANC 6E-02 Boundary: Restaurants Causing Rats and Overflow of Trash

Robberies and vandalism are up in Shaw 6E-02 boundaries. Police cars assigned to Warner Street, NW to prevent robberies and graffiti vandalism are all over the single member district in ANC 6E-02 boundaries. Some of the local small businesses have improper garbage cans associated with their businesses in the 1600 Block of 6th Street, NW causing rats to run all over the alley and I am sure these rats are in their establishments where you buy and eat their food. These restaurants are also causing litter all over the alley when their trash cans overflow with trash or when their garbage pick-up fails to pick-up the overflowed trash from the trash businesses containers.

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Shaw’s Leroy Thorpe December 19th Turkey Give Away

Shaw’s former ANC Commissioner and Red Hats Patrol leader Leroy Thorpe will pass out turkey’s again in Shaw on December 19th. Thorpe passed out turkey’s in November for the holiday. “I like doing good things for people and watching their eye’s light up or seeing a smile come on their face. This type of goodwill is good for my soul and brings neighbors together,” said Thorpe.

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Allegations Jefferson At Market Place Apartments In Shaw Discriminating Against Black Tenants: Shaw ANC Commissioner Alex Padro Linked To Jefferson At Market Place Alleged Scandal

Several residents of Shaw has complained to the ECCA that former residents of formerly known Kelsey Gardens Apartments with vouchers now returning to the Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments are being discriminated against by management.

Formerly known Kelsey Gardens Apartments and now called Jefferson at Market Place is located in the 1500 Block of 7th Street, NW in Shaw. The Shaw residents that contacted the ECCA stated that they know several black tenants living at Jefferson at Market Place complained to them that black tenants are placed on the first and second floors of the apartment building near the Q Street NW.

Allegations are that management met separately with black tenants Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments and informed the tenants that they would have the black tenants units expected four times a year and that Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments will convert rental units into condo’s in three years. These former Kelsey Gardens tenants with vouchers returning to the new Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments should seek out a experienced housing lawyer to sue if these allegations are true and contact the District of Columbia Housing Authority to remedy these allegations if true.

Shaw ANC Commissioner Alex Padro’s constituent who is white and part owner of Beau Thai Restaurant and lives in Padro ANC single member district and services on Padro’s Shaw Main Streets is opening a Beau Thai Restaurant at Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments located near 7th & P NW. Padro also received thousands of dollars from Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments that was to be used for the selective community organizations he instructed Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments to donate to including his Shaw Main Streets – Padro also used his ANC position to vote for the Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments which may be illegal since he had financial gain via Shaw Main Streets. Padro also played a role in the former black Kelsey Gardens black tenants returning to Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments even though with vouchers they won’t be able to afford the market rate monthly. Many of the former black tenants had been displaced because they can’t afford to live at Jefferson at Market Place Luxury Apartments.

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DUMP Alledged Tyrant/Real Estate Shakedown ANC Commissioner Alex Padro From ANC Chair Position

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6-E is in good position in January 2015 at their first monthly meeting to dump Alex Padro as it’s Chair. Padro allegedly cut’s citizens and speakers off when they present or speak at ANC Meetings and demands money from developers in private and also places developers staff on his Shaw Main Streets Board of Directors to fund his Shaw Main Streets program where he is paid nearly six figures as it’s lone employer and it’s executive director. Padro also votes on development projects as an elected public official as an ANC Commissioner while receiving money from the with is illegal.

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Robbery On Warner Street NW In Shaw Draws Police Detail: Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe Responds

A resident was robbed on Warner Street, NW last week which drew a police detail for protection. “I knew this would happen and more is expected over Shaw for quite some time. Where is the ANC Commissioner Kevin Chapple most of the folks voted for on Warner Street? Well he is missing as usual and you get what you voted for going backwards not forward,” said Shaw Red Hats Patrol Leader “Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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Two Black Young Black Males Shot In Shaw 600 Block N: Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe Responds

Two young black males were shot in Shaw this morning in the 600 Block of N Street NW. “There were a shooting in the exact spot a month or so ago – in fact I remember talking to one of the young men shot afterwards,” said Shaw Red Hats Leader “Mahdi” Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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ANC 6 E-07 Elect Commissioner Antonio Barnes Dines With Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe

Newly elected 6-E Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner dines with Shaw activist Leroy Thorpe at Thorpe’s house today. “ANC Commissioner Elect Antonio Barnes was invited to dine at my house to share my experience as a former elected ANC Commissioner for 18 years with a perspective of past and present issues affecting citizens in ANC 6-E boundaries. Many older Afican-American elected officials fail to mentor younger public officials. Antonio is a bright and strong young man very much his own man in a respectful manner and I think Insha Allah he will serve his constituents well, said former ANC Commissioner “Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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