What’s New! 2014 Annual C.O.P.E. Block Party (5th & Rhode island – Shaw Community)

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Shaw East Central Civic Association Targets Nasty Restaurants

The ECCA had the DC Department of Health issue tickets to two restaurants in the 1700 Block of 7th Street, NW that trashed the community with faulty garbage cans that causes rats and disease. The ECCA also will have these restaurants inspected. “if you want to do business in Shaw then you have to respect the community and property of others and your business as well or we will have your business fined and closed down,”said ECCA President “Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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ANC Chair Alex M. Padro Ousted As Chair Of ANC 6-E Commission: Up And Comming ANC Commissioner Antonio Barnes Eleced Secreary of ANC 6-E Commission

The Commissioners of ANC 6-E dumped ANC Commissioner Alexander M. Padro from the ANC Commission Chair position – may be now the community can be informed of development projects without Padro allegedly shaking down developers for money for his organizations that were to go to the community. May be now 6-E Commission residents can participate in ANC meetings without being insulted and cut-off by the dictator Padro. “My friend Marge was elected the Chair of ANC 6-E Commission. Marge is a nice woman whom has always been cordial and respectful when we talk. The Commission terrible reputation under Padro should improve tremendously under the Chairmanship of Marge. The ECCA also congratulates new 6-E Commission ANC Commissioner Antonio Barnes, the new Secretary for ANC 6-E Commission who I am sure has a great future in DC Politics,” said former ANC Commissioner and current East Central Civic Association President Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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Shaw Former ANC Commissioner Mahdi Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr. Re-Elected President Of The East Central Civic Association: Mary Sutherland Re-Elected AS The ECCA Vice-President

Former Shaw ANC Commissioner was re-elected president of the East Central Civic Association on January 5, 2015 at it’s regular monthly meeting. Shaw activist Mary Sutherland was elected vice president of the ECCA. “I am grateful to those members of the ECCA to re-elect me another term as their president of the ECCA. I also look forward to working very closely with Shaw activist Mary Sutherland the ECCA vice-president – Mary is Harriet Tubman type leader who can get things done.

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A Message To Muslim Arabs: The New Niggers In America Post 911

There are a lot of conspiracy theories regarding who is responsible for the bombing of the 911 Twin Towers in New York City. One thing is clean is that many European-American are suspicious of Arabs and blame them for 911 resulting in Arabs replacing the African-Americans as the new niggers in America. The Arab Muslims since 911 have sought out articulate African-American Sunni Muslims activists to be minimally paid mouth pieces for their viewpoints. Mean while these wealthy Arab countries have continued to make large multi-million dollar donations to European-American institutions and purchase expensive real estate in America and Europe while African-American Sunni Muslims in America has received nothing or peanuts resulting in the lack of needed Muslims social, educational and religious institutions to build in America. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai and other rich Arab Muslim counties ignore African-American needs to complete the required last pillar in Islam, the Hajj. The royal family ion Saudi Arabia has played a greedy game of economics controlling the Hajj packages and making it expensive for Muslims around the world to complete Hajj.

There is also an element of arrogance and racism regarding many of these Arabs I have observed in America – they lift their heads with wealth and lower their heads when they come eye-to-eye with African-American Muslims who built capitalism in America and produced economics on the tobacco fields, cotton fields and farm land in American as captives from Africa. What have rich Arab counties done to provide financial assistance, foreign exchange and affordable Hajj packages for African-American Sunni Muslims?

When you look at the Middle East – It is Arabs that have caused haram killings and fighting in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Yemen, and Northern Africa. Palestine has been ignored by their rich brothers and sisters in Arab countries – An African-American Muslim Mauri Salakahan and Imam Mahdi Bray are the only voices for the people of Palestine and trust me, the rich Arabs have not given them a dime even when Mahdi Bray was sick the Rich Arabs here in America did not due enough to aid him and his family. The problem with majority Muslim Palestine is that they are using the haram cry of nationalism for support which is prohibited in Islam.

When the rich Arab counties oil dry up they will become slaves to the West because they don’t produce anything and they have stolen the wealth of oil from the Muslim Ummah for the love of the dunya and have ignored the Holy Quran and Sunnah to prepare their lives in paradise.

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 3,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Dump 6-E Commission Chair Alex Padro: Padro Creates Division Between Gay’s VS Non-Gay’s And Whites VS Blacks In Shaw

The 6-E Commission ANC commissioners should elect a new chair in January 2015 at their regular monthly meeting. Alex Padro has soiled the reputation of the 6-E Commission with allegations of corruption regarding shaking down developers to financial support his Shaw Main Streets and placing developers personnel on the board of directors of Shaw Main Streets to raise money while he is the lone employee as it’s executive director.

Pado has divided the  Shaw community pushing his gay/white agenda to support and finance gay/white groups and organizations via ANC funding and placing themm on his Shaw Main Streets board of directors – one of his Shaw Main Streets board of directors who is white and gay is part owner of the Beau Thai Restaurant located inside the Jefferson at Market Place Apartments at 7th & P Streets, NW.

Padro has used the ANC chair position to ignore non-gay black leadership in Shaw and keep them from participating in development issues in Shaw and the amenities developers offer to the Shaw community – Padro has made sure his gay friends and organizations benefit from economic development while black groups and organizations are ignored and pushed out of their communities via economic development. Padro has helped create a gap in communication and community between gays and non-gay’s in Shaw which has elevated to gender and racism targeting non-gays and black participation in the ANC activities.

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Let The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Oil Production Fall: Greed Of the Saudi Arabian Government

The Kingdom Saudi Arabia’s oil production in 2014 has decreased drastically while oil prices in the USA has dropped at the pump. The Greedy Kingdom Of the Saudi Arabian government has used the country’s oil for their own personal and selfish reasons spreading the oil wealth via the royal family. Saudi Arabia has segments of poverty while the royal family spends money illegally on alcohol, prostitutes and gambling. The royal family also has modern day slavery with immigrant workers from Pakistan, Indonesia and other Muslim counties. Allah provided provided the oil rich counties in Kuwait, Quatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia to be used in a halal way to aid and help Muslims and not for extravagance and waste.

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