What’s New! 2014 Annual C.O.P.E. Block Party (5th & Rhode island – Shaw Community)

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Shaw’s ANC Commissioner Candidate Leroy Thorpe To Tackle Open Air Drinking And Graffiti Vandalism In ANC 6E-02 Single Member District

On a daily basis in the 600 Block of P Street, NW near the public bus stop, a group of adult men and woman litter the corridor with their containers of alcoholic beverages and carryout food and this is an eye sore in the community. “The current ANC Commissioner has done nothing to eradicate this problem; however, I look forward to eradicarting this problem if I am elected the ANC Commissioner on November 4th. Residents are afraid to use the bus stop or walk on the sidewalk out of fear of being attacked or harassed for money by these folks whom are most often times intoxicated,” said Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe.

A number of Shaw Businesses and homes have been vandalized by gang like graffiti and our current ANC Commissioner has not addressed this issue. “I will certainly take an active role in coordinating innovative legal means to stop the vandalism on busineses and homes which has an adverse economic affect
on businesses facades and home values. I am motivated to eradicate the graffiti vandalism out of our ANC Sigle Member District if I am elected the new ANC Commissioner on November 4th. I will make it my business to be visible and proactive regarding graffiti vandalism in our community and interact with our neighbors on an on going visible basis,” said Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe.

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Shot’s Fired Tuesday Night In Shaw In The 600 Block N Street, NW

Shot’s were fired Tuesday night in Shaw in the 600 Block of N Street, NW. “It’s a good thing no one was hurt” said Shaw Activist “Mahdi Leroy Thorpe.

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Elect Leroy Joseph Thorpe, Jr., For Shaw ANC 6E-02 Commissioner On November 4th

Leroy Joseph Thorpe, Jr., is a candidate for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 6E-02 Single Member District in the Shaw community. Election day is set for Thursday November 4, 2014. Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners are  non-partisan volunteer public officials that serve as a liaison between the elected ANC Commissioners single member district and the District of Columbia Government. Each single member district consists of abut 2,000 registered voters. ANC Commissioners vote on liquor licenses, engage in public safety issues, public works and DCRA issues giving great weight to concerns of their single member district.

ANC 6E-02 candidate Leroy Joseph Thorpe, Jr., slogan is Innovate Shaw. Leroy’s platform are as follows:

Safety - Well all deserve to live in an environment that feels like HOME. An environment in which we feel safe. Creating a safe, drug free and clean community for our families.

Economic Development – It is important that we sustain the growth that the District has experienced. This economic growth must translate into opportunities and jobs for all of our neighbors. Crafting and implementing economic development strategies to ensure jobs and wages fro our communities that enable us to support our families.

Education – We want our children to receive the highest quality education. The schools in all of our neighborhoods should be the best that the District can offer.

Affordable Housing – Many college graduates, seniors and middle income families are finding it difficult to find housing in Shaw. As your commissioner Leroy Thorpe will work hard to advocate for affordable housing.

Parking Issues – Leroy will work hard to develop innovative initiatives to develop traffic and parking strategies for our neighborhood.


                                                                                 Leroy Joseph Thorpe, Jr.

                                                             Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 6E-02

                                                   #1 On The Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Ballot

                                                                                       November 4th

                                                         or (202) 387-1596

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ANC Commissioner Alvin Judd Cleared BY DC Board of Elections & Ethics Living At 40 New York Ave NW : Will Alvin Judd Resign His Position On The Board Of Directors At 2nd NW Cooperatives Homes At 5th & O?

The DC Board of Elections & Ethics cleared ANC 6-E Commissioner Alvin Judd living at 40 New York Ave, NW.  Will and have Commissioner Alvin Judd resigned his position on the Board of Directors at 2nd NW Cooperatives Homes at 5th & O where he allegedly lives at 1305 5th Street, NW? Will a complaint lead to HUD in this matter if Judd remains on the board of directors while he is not a resident of the 2nd NW Cooperative Homes?

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Shaw Man Shot In 600 Block Of O Street, NW

At least one African-American adult male was shot in the arm in the 600 Block of O Street, NW a couple of day’s ago in Shaw. ” I was shot in the arm the other day,” an African-American male told Shaw Activist Mahdi Leroy Thorpe at the corner of 6th & O last night and describing his bullet wound to his arm.

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The DC Board of Elections is investigating ANC 6-E-06 Alvin Judd. Judd lists his ANC address as 40 New York Ave, NW representing ANC 6-06 SMD. However, he lives at 1305 5th Street, NW in another ANC SMD and serves on the board of directors of 2nd NW Cooperatives Homes where he lives. Another investigation may be pending against Judd via HUD, the US Attorney General Office and Inspectors General Office for allegations of fraud regarding Judd’s 2nd NW address and his authenticity as a board member since he list his ANC 6E-06 address as 40 New York Ave, NW.

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