What’s New! 2014 Annual C.O.P.E. Block Party (5th & Rhode island – Shaw Community)

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Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe Files Slannder Complaint Against Shaw Attorney/Blogger/Tech Owner/Republican Berin Michael Szoka

Berin Michael Szoka put out a slanderous blog about Shaw Activist Leroy Thorpe on November 4, 2014 on the and invited the public to view a slanderous website using Thorpe’s name with a photo of Thorpe without Thorpe’s consent.

Thorpe has filed a complaint with a DC Agency today and will sue Berin Michael Szoka unless Berin contacts Thorpe directly and meet with Thorpe to remedy this legal issue.

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ISIS: The Wrongful Killing Of US Citizen Peter Kassig

The alleged ISIS beheading of US citizen Peter Kassig is wrongful and not Islamic – in fact the beheading by ISIS of other foreign and US citizen is not Islamic. Islam doe’s not support any of the current and past beheading s  by ISIS. The Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic Law Shariah doe’s not support the ISIS beheadings. ISIS actions are not in accord with Islam and the alleged killing of Peter Kassig a converted Muslim is an outrage. When a person converts to Islam Allah forgives his past sins regardless if that person was an enemy to Islam  – once he converts to Islam he starts fresh. Allah forbids Muslims from killing Muslims.

Moreover, the beheadings of non-Muslims by ISIS has no merits in Islam and those aligned with ISIS will have to answer to Allah on Judgement Day for their murderous crimes and the harm ISIS has caused to good practicing Muslim world-wide and the stain ISIS has caused to the great religion of Islam.  The most powerful weapon a Muslim has is duah to Allah.  I call upon all Muslims to pray to Allah to eradicate the distorted wicked ways of ISIS and to return ISIS to the way Islam was practiced via Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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ECCA Is Set To Deliver It’s First Round Of Turkeys On Tuesday: November 19th

The ECCA is set to deliver the first round of turkey’s to DC residents on Tuesday, November 19th. “The ECCA appreciates the donor of these turkey’s and we want to put a smile of the faces of those receiving turkey’s,” said ECCA President “Mahdi” Leroy J. Thorpe, Jr.

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Shots fired in Shaw: Police Helicopters Hover Over Shaw

So much for you Kevin Chapple supporters who by into Shaw is moving forward when shots rang out in Shaw last night going back to the 1980’s and 1990’s when police helicopter hovered almost nightly over Shaw – you get what you voted for,

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ANC 6 – E Commissioner Alvin Judd Defeated in ANC Race

Congratulations to Sursum Corda ANC 6-E Elect Commissioner Antonio Barnes who defeated Alvin Judd in the ANC 6-E Commission race.  The ECCA hope’s the young  24 year-old Antonio Barnes will be a good and active commissioner.

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Wizards Training Facility May Come To Shaw: ECCA Weighs Support

The Washington Wizards professional basketball team is in negotiators to bring their training facility to the Shaw community. Some residents are concerned that the basketball courts and dog park may have to be torn down to pave way for the Wizards. The ECCA would love to see the Wizards move their training facility to Shaw. However, the ECCA will seek input from it’s membership before supporting the Washington Wizards.

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ANC 6-E Chairman Alex Padro Rude To Pepco Representative At November ANC Meeting

ANC 6-E Chairman Alex Padro true in form cut’s off ANC residents speaking time at November ANC meeting. Padro also was rude towards a Pepco representative attending and speaking at the ANC the meeting.

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