What’s New! 2014 Annual C.O.P.E. Block Party (5th & Rhode island – Shaw Community)

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DC Mayor Bowser Fails To Remove Snow In The District Of Columbia 2016

DC Mayor Bowser and her novice administration has no clue on how to remove the snow from blizzard 2016.  Abandoned cars remain clogging residential neighborhoods and main artery streets in the Distract of Columbia.  City snow removal from the Department of Public Works are little to no response and very ineffective.

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Mayor Bowser And DPW Director Chris Shorter Fails To Respond To Snow Fall In The District

Mayor Bowser and DPW Director Chris Shorter failed the citizens of the District of Columbia during Wednesday night snow fall – there were many streets unplowed and multiple car accidents including President Obama’s motorcade stuck in snow.

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Mayor Bowser And Deputy Mayor For Public Safety Crime Plan A Joke

Mayor Bower’s plan to decrease crime in DC by providing security camera’s to citizens and businesses is ineffective and laughable .  Bower’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety has no experience or urban contacts to bring to the table proven civilian crime fighters to form a partnership in curtailing the rise in crime in DC.

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Saudi Arabian Royal Family Ignores Allah’s Words In The Noble Quran By Executing Muslim Shia Imam

The Saudi Arabian royal family execution of the Shia Imam is a major sin and against the word of Allah in the Noble Quran. Allah tells us in the Noble Quran that Muslims are prohibited from killing another Muslim and the penalty is the hell fire in the after life if the killing was intentional.


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US Government Allows Armed Trailer Park Trash And Racist Red Knecks Terroists To Take Over A Federal Building

The United States FBI and law makers are allowing some trailer park white racists and red knecks armed with assault riffles and handguns to take over a federal building in the sate of Oregon because two of their militia members were arrested and jailed for setting fire on federal property. This is total hypocrisy in America- if these white racists militia were Muslim or Black they would be bombed and killed immediately in America shot down like dogs on a daily basis by white men in America.

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How To Defeat ISIS And ISIL

ISIS and ISIL ar e two groups of ignorant and extreme Muslim groups perpetrating Jihad to kill innocent Muslims, Christian and Jews. Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) the seal of all the Prophets who came before him allowed Christians and Jews to live in Muslim controlled lands without tyranny and oppression. Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) preached tolerance among-st Christian, Jews and Muslims and he hid not kill innocent woman children, adults or destroy the environment during Muslim holy wars.

ISIS and ISIL can be defeated by following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH), the Sharia and Holy Quran. ISIS and ISIL are not practicing any of these three important steps in practicing Islam. These three steps to the path of practicing Islam must be thrown publicly at ISIS and ISIL via social media, mainstream media and international media. This method is powerful to defeating ISIS and ISIL and preventing ignorant Muslims around the world from being recruited by ISIS and ISIL via a distorted Satanic practice of hate perpetrated by ISIS and ISIL. The West must include practicing Muslims that
follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) and who are not seeking the validation from the West by shaving their beards, not wearing hijab during TV appearances and speak the truth about Islam – There is no such thing a moderate Islam. Islam is Islam the way Prophet Muhammad (PBBUH) delivered it to the world via Allah using the Angel Gabriel as a mercy for mankind.

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Useless Black Politicians In DC

Yvette Alexander the Ward 7 City Councilwomen, Anita Bonds the At-Large City Councilman and Mayor Muriel Bowser – these three black woman have to be replaced immediately. They are self serving and ineffective in caring out public service and passing public policy to help black Dc residents even the playing field with whites in DC regarding employment, housing, city contracts, education and grooming young potential black leadership in DC. These three black woman are useless to blacks and try very hard to be validated by white voters and white’s in general.

Kenya McDuffie the black Ward 5 City  Councilman want’s to be white so bad that he try’s to take the natural curls out of his hair via Jerry curl like product to be validated by white voters which is shameless.

Brandon Todd Ward 4 Councilman has an alleged sexual identity problem and is weak as a man. The Kappa brothers are ashamed of him in DC and are proud Brandon was turned down by the frat from pledging Kappa in DC.

Vincent Orange the At-Large City Councilman, will sell his soul to the devil to be relevant in politics. He had paraded around the city with a white woman staffer on his arm thinking he had made it in America – what a ridiculous clown.



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